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Therapy sessions working with one student and human therapist .

Programs involve target led interventions together with evaluation of progress

The team of Alltogether offer bespoke sessional activities combining the therapeutic and fun nature of interacting with companion animals.

The activities are designed specifically to support the provision of animal assisted therapy for individuals and community groups.

This approach is significally beneficial in supporting people in a safe,ethical and appropriate manner.

Learning about animals and getting involved with their care are activities designed to increase the sense of well-being,inclusion and general health.

Individuals, community groups and schools groups can experience the hands on pleasure of working with companion animals,horses and farm animals in a respectful learning environment.

Individuals in a small group setting are matched to provide the greatest benefit and maximise the experiences and learning opportunities.

Everyone has the opportunity to socialise within the enjoyable sessions

In short ........

Its fun, its rewarding, its social, its creative, its educational, its all about animals,its all about you




Group sessions
One to One sessions
Learning programs

Group interventions with a range of companion animals. Students will interact with and  learn how to care for Horses and small animals

A range of learning programs offered.

Farm house cooking and care of farm animals .

Horticulture and the environment

Care of Horses and Small Animals.

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